who is your creator?

A lot of people like second handers, what's difficult to accept is creation. It's a new idea and harder for people to grasp, relate to and feel it. 

That's why second handers products sell the most in the short term. They rise at the same speed as they fall. The unoriginality of your product/ services can be seen right through the public eye. Their work is not their own, its thrived from the creators oblivion.

For the success of a creation you need a true genius. A visionary whose persistent and determined to fight for his values, his vision and his creations to be seen by man in exactly the same way he feels about his bud.

Creators don’t need recognition.

Their motivation comes from the fact every man sees his creation his ideas like he does. The true genius of creators throughout history can not handle recognition. His motivation comes from the fact that their creation is used and applied by all. For the greater good of the man and his own survival.

He creates it for himself to satisfy his inner most need even if that need is to help someone or be use to others. A true actor’s need is to, entertain people, to learn the art of altering people’s emotions, stepping in and out of characters with true precision. A true entrepreneur’s need is to invent and provide a product or service never seen before and used/ applied by the world. It is the whole basis of their survival. It is to fulfil their own need to give something to the world that will change/ improve the ways of everyday living for a man. It satisfies not others but their own ego that they thought in ways to create something beautiful. Their achievement to find answers and go downs roads that no one before has been able to conquer but their own self. To learn knowledge of the past, to recognize the reality of the present and to build a life never lived before is a true genius found in the man who envisions.

God does not create you, You create your self and you is not a bi-product of others.

Lastly, would like to add this quote 'To those who feel you have no choice but to create, thank you' - Seth Godin

Credit: The word, 'second handers' has been taken from the philosopher, Ayn Rand. The words in this blog are mine, learnt from my own experiences and thurst of knowledge in certain fields. Today I have the courage to express but in ways probably not understood by you, tomorrow I will have the courage to express in ways, you will feel.

15th Sep, 2011