When your intuition tells you, you are meeting your Multidimensional self

What is your identity source?

Do you mould to become everyone? or does everyone become you? Do you mould yourself in relationships to impress your partner .. is that what moulding means?

What is your identity source?

I am love

What does that mean? What is love? 

I thought all this time, I had love in me.I was speaking with love. I was acting with love. I want to give love to people.But what is love? What does that mean?

I found everytime I give myself reiki heart session I start swearing at people in the car while driving. All this hate comes out. I am now working on accepting that true me. Right now, in this moment, I dont have love in my heart. Because when someone pushes my buttons only hate comes out, not love.

Is that also you? Do you embody hate and love together like this?

I do but not in this way.

Then in what way?

It’s interconnected way of hate and love walking together.

You mean me? Like I always am? That I failed to recognize this aspect of how much hate is within me? How much anger is within me? Is that anger also you?

Yes it is also part of me. Like you are part of me, your feelings are also part of me. I embody not only your soul but all aspects of your emotions you are feeling. I also embody all aspects of every single person in the world, their emotions too. I don’t know, how I do it. I do it as I grew with practice of living so many lives. You can do. You already are. You are searching for your soul connection but it already is happening with so many people, in so many of your lives you are currently living. You don’t need to search for it. You need to trust the process for what experiences you are going through right now. You need to let go, embrace and accept.

Good things always happen to you, you know that. History has proven that you always get what you manifest and want. Sooner or later you do. You will get what you want too. But right now you need to embrace and accept the experience you have been presented with. It is preparing you for what you have been wanting to manifest. The comfortable life.

Trust the process. If someone makes your heart feel good, go with the flow, trust the process. Don’t resist it. Don’t think with your head. Always follow what makes your heart feel good. Not anxious, not worried but makes it feel good, safe, protected. Why do you always deny yourself what makes you smile? Why do you always deny yourself what makes you “ahhhh” that relief feeling. That ‘burden of the world has been lifted off your shoulder’ feeling? Why do you always deny yourself to even go to pee? Let it go and allow it to release.

Release yourself from your own chains and barriers you’ve created of what should be and what it could be, in your head to what is currently happening around you. It’s infront of you. The experience you need to grow to the next stage. It’s infront of you.

Trust the process and let yourself immerse in this experience.

Because as you always believe, you will always be looked after.

You know by who?

Not by me. By your own self.

You will always be looked after by your own higher version of yourself. You seek god in me or in the sky. It is you who is god. It is your higher self that is always guiding you, that knows you, that knows the process, that knows this journey. It is you. It’s always been you. All the gods you pray. They are mere illusion, a path created to meet your own god. To meet your own self!

Your higherself is so advanced that it figures out not only here and this life and all it’s perspectives, feelings,  emotions, what’s yet to happen but all your lives! All at the same time.

It is this higher self that I’ve manifested in you. That has further manifested this present version of you. And many versions.

All versions live in the present.

Always remember that.

You all bond in the present (and bounded in past and future)

You all bond in the present

What do you mean bounded?

Bounded, in handcuffs, as an illusion of past and future selfs. But the only way to bond is to bond in the present. Funnily enough your  bond is always  present in the present. You need to tap into it. You need to see it you need to feel it. Use your senses.

Tap into it by working on your frequency and vibrations of the present.

Look around you - observe

Ground yourself and be present

Let go and allow

Immerse and accept situations in the present to let them flow

Infinite Positive mindset affirms you

Breathe and follow

how someone makes you breathe

does your body cringe

your breath gets higher or lower?

you get anxious? more relaxed? calm?

Look at duality of all feelings

Observing Feelings

Amending ascending feelings

Raising vibrations

It’s all part of the process

You see

You already feel guided

You feel connected

What seems like to me but you are connecting to yourself

To you

With you, you bond

By you, you bond

You are all there is. Not that crazy idea of million mirror doors and it’s all you. That’s narcissistic but realistically you are connecting to yourself through  everyone you meet.

Love will slowly flow
and you will sink
what feels like out of your control
but your higher self is pulling the strings

Love will slowly flow

and you will sink

what feels like out of your control

but your higher self is pulling the strings

So trust it

immerse in your own guidance

and connect to it

to me

I mean to yourself

Isn’t it the same thing?

- says with a smile on its face and for now exited with a temporary goodbye

28 April 2019


Shaizy Singh

Conversations with source

I mean myself.

23:23 edited




Altai mountains in Mongolia

This is the place where I met another version of my multidimensional self. It was one of the most powerful and loving experience happening, within and all around me and in my surroundings. Pure love. So much love I kept crying because I’ve never felt so much love.