Butterfly and its lover - a short story

Do you know what happened when Gem met Pervane?

One day the butterfly Pervane saw a light burning far away. It seemed really bright although it was much weaker than all the stars, the sun and the moon. Regardless it became in love with it. So it decided to flap its wings across the mountains to reach it.


It finally saw the house where the light was coming from. Gem was the name of the light. The candle was burning on one side of the window. The butterfly Pervane, the lover, on the other side of the window. It sent a word to Gem. It said, it wants to see the candle without the window blocking its light. Upon hearing this from its lover; Gem said, "Yearning for an admirer is nothing but a dream. You should not dream of such affairs. For its heart who has been settled with love it should look for lifetime elsewhere.

On hearing this, Pervane, the lover stayed and never left the window.  

Finally after a few days, candle Gem's promise to its heart broke. It apologized and lifted the glass between them. As Pervane was running towards its lover its wings finally caught on fire that Gem was burning with. It circled in towards the candle, it circled even closer and as the candle burnt, it finally died right there.

butterfly and the candle 2.jpg

Its last words were, "Love at all cost, fire at all cost, Gem at all cost."

You must know that, anger of the heart is like unobstructed arrows. It prays that it kills its target most certainly. Some get burnt by passion, some don’t have fire to burn with passion. Yet only those who burn attain the light.
— shaizy

Candle gem has burnt from day one. It's flick of life almost melted until it reunited with the wings of its lover.

butterfly light candle love.jpg


1st Nov 16


(Inspired from an old Turkish folk story)