Request a poem for you (digital)

Request a poem for you (digital)


You can request shaizy to write a poem written by shaizy, for you or from you to someone special. It can from you to your fiancé, husband, son, mother, sister, best friend, wife, daughter or even for yourself.. for your room, for your diary, specially written for you to inspire you. It can be a birthday message, wedding vows, for a proposal, for a funeral and so forth.

Shaizy writes beautiful poems that connects with you personally. Her poems inspire love beauty and truth. She aims that with her poetry she is able to connect you to your higher self. To inspire you, she writes something that would make you feel you exist for a purpose and for you to feel something remanent. 


She has a unique style that connects with people of all ages and backgrounds with love and acceptance. 


You can also request the piece of poetry to be delivered to you in a frame. It will be shipped to you or you can request a digital copy only.