Shaizy’s Meditation technique is a unique inspirational and guided visualization meditation. It assists your brain to slow down to a relaxed meditative state, creating a bridge of balance, connecting your mind to your heart center and to your self. After this beautiful meditation you begin to recognise, acknowledge and accept all the blessings and gifts life has to offer, allowing you to receive your share of the infinite universal abundance.

The Meditation brings relaxation, harmony, joy and bliss within. It’s a perfect way to enjoy an empowering, transformational and peaceful experience!

Step1: Reiki 1 Energy Booster

Shaizy starts with giving you Reiki 1 energy booster. It helps to relax the body and mind. Reiki activates body’s own natural ability to heal itself by a gentle touch. After receiving the booster, you are able to place your hands to your body, wherever, you feel guided to and heal yourself. This temporary Reiki 1 booster works for the next 7 days and its a gift to empower you specially during your group meditation session.

Reiki an ancient formula that increases life force within you. It removes and dissolves emotional mental stress making you feel more relaxed and calm.

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Step2: Group Meditation Session

Visual Meditation is one of many forms of meditation that has helped Shaizy and her clients, to achieve deep relaxation of the body, bringing more clarity to your mind. Shaizy helps you get into a blissful meditative state and you get more out of your meditation with a lasting sense of peace.

Harvard Research has also proven many benefits of meditation including freedom from depression, addiction, being more intuitive, making better choices and decision.


Weekly Meditations in Balmain East every Sunday from 10am - 12 noon

To join, enter your details in a short form on this page.

You will receive a text message with location and confirmation for the meditation session.

What’s Provided?

Water, teas and snacks are provided.

What to bring?

Pillows, Yoga Mat, a jacket or a throw/blanket

How much is it?

$20 cash

How do I get there?

Bus - 442 from Townhall York Street, QVB to the corner of Darling St and Johnston St, Balmain East (2nd last bus stop) 1 min walk from the bus stop.

Car - Address will be sent over text/email. There is street parking.

Ferry - F4 ferry from Circular Quay/ Pyrmont Wharf in Darling Harbour/ Barangaroo/ Milsons Point/ McMohands point and Rosebay to Balmain East Wharf and its a 3 mins walk from there.

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