The best Couscous recipe ever

I've had couscous before and never liked it because its so dry and bland. Until, I went to my last Reiki meditation course and  tried couscous that's made with these special ingredients!  To top it off, it was made by a Major in the Australian Army who was also studying the course and he showed me the recipe. I can't name him due to privacy reasons but the recipe is kick ass!

Make it once and you'll see what I'm talking about. Specially when it's so easy and so simple to make. 

You can also add couscous to your burrito or salads or add salsa to give it that extra zing to your meal. I generally add my mum's home made mint sauce with kale or spinach to the raw4thepeople tomato burrito wraps and its my on the go snack. (Yes, mum's mint sauce recipe is coming next!)

This couscous is nice, it's fresh, it's perfect even by itself.  

So this is how you make it.  


Step 1.

Buy cous cous  

Harris Farm - Chefs Choice French Gourmet Cous Cous

Coles - Couscous

Woolworth - Couscous

Step 2.

Put cous cous in a container. 1 cup 



Step 3.

Grate dry apple/ dry mango/ dry apricot into powder or add pinches of these spices into the container.

- Turmeric, Paprika or Chilli, Cinnamon, Ginger, Aniseed, Cardamon, Fennel, Mango Powder, Yellow Mustard, Mint Leaves, Salt to taste.

- Coconut flakes as per preference

My Cheat sheet idea - What I generally do, is put dry apple, dry figs, dry apricot, mint leaves and some of the above spices in a smoothie container and blend it with a bit of water so it becomes a paste and then add it in to the couscous. Smart right? I use my smoothie blender.


Step 4.

Put boiling water into the container - 2 cups. Unless you are putting smoothie paste of these spices and dry fruits - then add 1.5 cups of water only.

Step 5.

Cover it up, let it sit and give it time to cook and its done! No need to pan cook, microwave, or anything. Just boiling water, add the ingredients and let it sit covered up. Yes it is that simple!


Step 6.

Serve it with slightly boiled, roast or raw veges. Here, we have carrots, zucchini, broccoli and capsicum. 


Best thing is you can use the same process to make brown rice and quinoa! They all taste equally good and best made with the smoothie spices and dry fruit paste. It makes it a little tangy and perfect snack! I cook mine in Kambrook Rice Cooker and add the smoothie paste to it. It is my perfect go to snack for the next 3 days and even for lunches at work!

Try brown rice or couscous with yellow daal/ lentil soup for dinner and it tastes so amazing!


Please share a few photos, would love to see how you cook this recipe and your creative ideas of what else to eat it with. You can also comment below with your feedback. 

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- written by Shaizy. Image and recipe credit - to the Major X in Australian Army. Name hidden for privacy reasons as per his request.

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